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Crooked Sky Outfitters began when Stewart Petersen became a partner in the outfitting business with his uncle Sharon Dayton in the late 1980s. Originally operating under the name “Magic Mountains Outfitters,” we carried out our outdoor adventures as a family owned and operated business for 30 years.

A few years ago, due to the aging process, Sharon found it prudent to step away from the business he had been passionate about for over 50 years. This opened the door for Stewart’s oldest son, Landon Petersen, to step up to the plate as a new partner. Landon’s entrance into the outfit brought an infusion of youth and new ideas, just as it had when Stewart joined forces with his Uncle Sharon over 30 years earlier. This transition also proved to be the genesis of a new business name for the outfit. After several months of careful contemplation regarding a name change, “Crooked Sky Outfitters” was the name chosen. This new name brought with it significant meaning due to Stewart’s involvement in the motion picture industry in the early 1970s. The third film he starred in was titled “Against A Crooked Sky,” so nearly 40+ years later, few would have thought the “Crooked Sky” name would once again come into play.

In January of 2018, Chad Martin entered the parternship with Stewart and Landon. Chad is also a ranch-raised boy from Wyoming, and has been a longtime friend of the family. He began helping Stewart in camp many moons ago before ultimately discovering a passion for the outfitting business. Chad brings a unique enthusiasm and energy to the table while showing clients a memorable experience of Wyoming’s great outdoors.

All three of us continue to enjoy the wonder, beauty, and “handiwork of the Great Creator” as we share this outdoor adventure with those who come and sit around our campfire.

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